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Maylands Lakes water quality update to residents.


NEWSFLASH: Eureka!!  The water in Bungana Lake is finally clear to a depth of at least 3 metres.  This appears attributable to the dredging and we are hopeful it will remain clear long term, as the other remediation measures are implemented, particularly the installation of the mixer and the minimisation of the inflow of nutrients from the drainage system.


MIDGE UPDATE (18 September 2021)

Following another request from the FOML, the City of Bayswater treated Lake Brearley with biological larvicide again this week. Hopefully this will break the breeding cycle sufficiently to enable fortnightly treatments to resume for the remainder of the year or until the completion of the dredging early in 2022. We will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the City.

Midge updates will also continue to be posted on this website.

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