Please note on your calendar the upcoming busy-bees:

Sunday 30th May (9am – 12 noon) – Infill planting at the Lake Brearley revegetation site (between Sopwith Avenue & Swan Bank Rd)

  • Major work, including clearing of weeds, replacement of sand with soil (overlaid with woodchips), was undertaken by the City of Bayswater in November/December 2020.
  • Over 10,000 native plants, some of which were purchased with a $20k Commonwealth Government grant to the Friends of Maylands lakes, were subsequently installed by volunteers over two planting days (a couple of weeks apart), just prior to Christmas.
  • The vast majority of the plants have thrived.  However, infill planting will ensure an even better longer term outcome.

Saturday 7th August (9am – 12 noon) – Revegetation of the Brickworks stream (linking the Brickworks and Bungana Lakes)

  • The City of Bayswater will undertake site preparation prior to the planting day.  This will include the removal of non-endemic trees and shrubs, in part to allow sufficient sunlight for the sedges which are to be planted in the stream.
  • Selected larger/mature non-endemic trees will be preserved.
  • Strategic relocation of some of the large stones in the stream will occur to facilitate recreation pursuits of children (as an adjunct to the adjacent playground).
  • The revegetation of this area, will have significant long-term benefit, particularly the sedges, as they will further remove nutrients from the water entering Bungana Lake from the two street drains via the Brickworks Lake.  The endemic understory when mature, will also protect native fauna, including frogs, turtles and skinks.


  • Wear enclosed footwear, gardening gloves, a hat and sunscreen
  • Bring a small garden trowel

Council will provide gloves and trowels if you don’t have your own.

Council’s crew will likely pre-drill holes, which will make planting of seedlings easier and quicker.

Refreshments (water, coffee, tea and biscuits) will be provided – however if you can bring a plate to share it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your support and to catching up again.

Get involved!

To date we have held 5 busy-bees, which were essentially planting days.  Two of these were on the South side of the Brickworks Lake.  Another two involved clearing of the Casuarina trees and planting native flora on the foreshore of Lake Brearley, adjacent to the Gazebo (Hinkler Loop).  The other was the replacement of exotic vegetation clogging up the two drainage streams flowing into the Brickworks Lake, with native plants.

These projects have a positive impact on the quality of water flowing and/or seeping into the lakes.  They also provide improved habitat for native fauna, such as long-neck turtles, birds and frogs.