Get involved!

To date we have held 4 busy-bees, which were essentially planting days.  Two of these were on the South side of the Brickworks Lake.  The third was clearing of the Casuarina trees and planting on the foreshore of Lake Brearley, adjacent to the Gazebo (Hinkler Loop).  The most recent and seemingly largest and most successful project was the replacement of exotic vegetation clogging up the two drainage streams flowing into the Brickworks Lake, with native plants.

These projects have a positive impact on the quality of water flowing and/or seeping into the lakes.  They also provide improved habitat for native fauna, such as long-neck turtles, birds and frogs.

There are no further busy-bees imminent at this stage.  However, when more are planned, we will provide advance notice to members of our volunteer group via e-mail and this web-site.