Flora and Fauna

The Maylands lakes are gifted with a diverse array of flora and fauna, including several frog species and an interesting sample of macroinvertebrates (listed in the Stage 2 Management Report).  Oblong Turtles live and breed in the lake system as did Yellowtail Trumpeter fish prior to 2016.  Small Gambusia Holbrook (Mosquito Fish) continue to thrive and provide food for the Cormorants and Darters that live and breed on the lakes. Indeed, the lakes present excellent opportunities for birdwatchers with some 69 species identified in that immediate vicinity.

If you should find an injured or distressed animal, please see our How You Can Help page for information on what to do to assist.

Regrettably, the flora of the lakes consists predominantly of introduced species, many planted by the developers of the Estate.  The most prolific of these is the Casuarina Cunninghamia which can be seen suckering so densely that it has displaced the native species. Weed control and replacement with native plants is a significant component of the Revegetation Plan. The object is to restore habitat for native animals and strip nutrients from the lake shore.