Mission of FOML

To develop healthy and resilient lakes (namely Brearley, Bungana and Brickworks), along with the surrounding environment (including the Swan River foreshore), to support desirable flora/fauna and preserve the aesthetic amenity for Maylands residents, as well as for visitors.


  1. Develop a shared ownership with the local community to promote the objectives of the FOML
  2. Build community support to facilitate recruitment of volunteers to work towards  the rehabilitation and preservation of the Maylands lakes and surrounds
  3. Attract, solicit and retain continuing interest, bequests, gifts and financial support by interested persons, groups, corporations and government bodies towards for the objectives of the FOML
  4. Liaise with and assist the City of Bayswater in the development and implementation of a Maylands Lakes Management Plan
  5. Establish and maintain a public fund (funded chiefly from grants), to be called the Maylands Lakes Environment Fund, for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of the Friends of Maylands Lakes Limited